Modules for [Scientific Computing]

This web page is directly linked to the list of modules of the master’s program Scientific Computing.  Please note that not all courses in the modle handbook will be held each term. For the latest legal reference of the modle handbook, please see the PDF file published by the faculty

To plan your learning pathway for the next term, please refer to the LSF (online course system) of the university. It holds a list of the module selection that will be offered in the  upcoming term. The LSF entry also shows details such as the lecturer of the module, timing of lectures and exercise classes, venue of the lecture and usually a reading list compiled by the lecturer.

Handbook: [SciComp MSc] - [2022/23 WiSe]

Courses in Computer Science

[IAML] Advanced Machine Learning
[IAE] Algorithm Engineering
[ICNA] Complex Network Analysis
[ICGeo] Computational Geometry
[ICS] Computer Games (Game Engine Design)
[ICV3DR] Computer Vision: 3D Reconstruction
[IDS1] Discrete Structures 1
[IDS2] Discrete Structures 2
[IDPA] Distributed and Parallel Algorithms
[IFML] Fundamentals of Machine Learning
[IGMA] Geometric Modeling and Animation
[IHASC] Hardware Aware Scientific Computing
[IML] Machine Learning
[IMMD] Mining Massive Datasets
[IOML] Optimization for Machine Learning
[IPGeo] Practical Geometry
[ISV] Scientific Visualization

Courses in Mathematics

[MM12] Grundmodul Angewandte Analysis und Modellierung
[MM15] Basic course Numerical Analysis and Optimization
[MM16] Grundmodul Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung
[MM22] Aufbaumodul Angewandte Analysis und Modellierung
[MM25] Advanced course numerical analysis and optimization
[MM26] Aufbaumodul Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung
[MM32] Spezialisierungsmodul Angewandte Analysis und Modellierung
[MM35] Special topics of numerical analysis and optimization
[MM36] Spezialisierungsmodul Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung

General Modules

[SCS] Master Seminar (Mathematics)
[SCMP] Master Programming Practical
[SCMT] Master Thesis
[SCMTP] Master Thesis Presentation
[SCFA] Field of Application
[SCLI] Lab internship in field of application

Key Competence Program

[ILat] Einführung in das Textsatzsystem LaTeX
[IBil] Education through Summer School, Holiday Course, or Conference
[IAus] Study Abroad