Semester Abroad

Students enrolled in Master course „Scientific Computing“ are encouraged to study for a semester abroad.

University of Heidelberg is offering different programs to apply for numerous positions all over the world. Programs vary from language courses during semester breaks to exchange programs within study course programs as well as interns or examinations.
For general information please visit the webpage of Heidelberg University.
(Please note an English version of this webpage will soon be available).

During your studies in Scientific Computing we recommend to study abroad during your 3rd semester. Within this semester you have already got to know Heidelberg University and the program itself, but you have not yet started your Master Thesis.

You have 3 options for your semester abroad:
- Do it on your own, for example with DAAD
- as part of a program together with others as in ERASMUS exchange programs
- Within partner institutions of the IWR Heidelberg

For a first step try to figure out if you want to study on your own or within a mobility program. Choose where you want to study regarding your research interests and language proficiency. Mobility programs are offered by Heidelberg University. For further details and general questions on exchange programs please visit the foreign office of Heidelberg University.

If you are interested in research institutions close to the IWR, the IWR/HGS MathComp is offering a program as well.

Partner institutions of IWR at Heidelberg University are:


  • Sorbonne, France (4EU+ partner)
  • Copenhagen University, Denmark (4EU+ partner)
  • Milan University, Italy (4EU+ partner)
  • Charles University, Czech Republic (4EU+ partner)
  • Warsaw University, Poland (4EU+ partner)
  • University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg
  • Johannes Kepler University, Austria
    This University is also enclosed within the ERASMUS+ Mobility Program of Heidelberg University.
  • Partner Institutions of the SOKRATES/ERASMUS program coordinated by the Mathematics Department of Heidelberg University


  •  University of Delhi, Delhi
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Please plan your semester abroad well ahead and contact Dr. Michael Winckler in due time to discuss next steps and how to proceed for financial support and crediting of the courses abroad.