Financial budget: Master's program Scientific Computing

Heidelberg University is one of Germany's elite universities. Studies in a consecutive master's program is tuition free for students from EU countries. For students from non-EU countries, the tuition fees for master programs is €1,500 per semester

A rough outline of further costs (per month):

  • accommodation: €350
  • living expenses: €300
  • public transport: €27 (€160 per term)
  • material required for studies: €50

This totals to about €727 per month. This is a conservative estimate -- based on these figures we suggest to our students that they will need between €750 and €800 per month to finance their studies. University registration fees are €148 per term. Health insurance greatly depends on your needs, your country of origin and other facts. Contracts start at €40 per month.
When you apply for a residence permit you need to prove that you have at least  €735 to live on for each month of your stay.

Financial Support

Heidelberg University offers a new scholarship porgram for incoming students beginning with winter semester 2021/2022: The Hans-Peter Wild Talent Scholarship.

With this program first semester students of natural sciences including Scientific Computing get the opportunity for financial support of €1,000 per month. Applicants can apply from May 1 until June 15. You can also apply for the program without being admitted to Heidelberg University during the application period.