Q: Who is the target group for this master program

A: The program has a double focus on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. The target group for the program are therefore candidates from either of this field - with a strong background in the other field as well!

Candidates from applied mathematics will find the rigorous analysis of methods and algorithms appealing, based on a thorough understanding of the mathematical theory. They will link their mathematical background to new and complex mathematival models that draw from a large area of mostly applied mathematics such as functional analysis, statistics, analytical modeling, numerical methods, ordinary and partial differential equations or probability theory.

Candidates from computer science will learn new techniques to bring refined algorithms with highly complex data structures to machine implementations. The use of efficient processing routines and hardware-aware implementations leads to code basis that squeeze the last drop of efficiency out of the compute servers used for running these codes on large application data sets.

Note that for completing this program, students will have to succeed in classes from both core areas taught on the master's level. This is no small task and therefore successfull applicants have to prove a track record of good grades and solid prior education in mathematics as well as in computer science.