General information for foreign students

  1. Make sure to apply early for the program. Evaluation of the application by both central university and faculty take a long time. The application window is
    • between Apr 1st and Jun 15th for the winter term (term starts Oct 1st; lectures start Oct 15th)
    • between Sep 1st and Nov 15th for the summer term (Term starts Apr. 1st; lectures start April 15th)
  2. Apply for student dormitories even if you do not have confirmation of your application. The deadline for student dormitory application is July 15th (for the next winter term). You will get on a waiting list and can confirm your application as soon as you have the acceptance letter of the university for your studies. Note that dormitories are under the administration of the Heidelberger Studentenwerk, not the central university administration.
  3. Plan your visa application in advance! Depending on your country of origin, visa interview dates might be hard to get. Looking for a suitable date (and maybe cancelling the interview) helps you to get to Heidelberg in time.
  4. The (first) language of instruction is English. Make sure to meet the required level of English (B2) not only in an examination, but in everyday learning situations. If you struggle with the language of instruction, learning the content of the courses is even harder and usually students do not succeed.

Please consult both the web pages in this section and the associated FAQ: Application to understand the application process.

Note that in 2022 Heidelberg University will switch to a new campus management system. This will probably affect the application process in 2022 and 2023.

If you have specific questions after consulting the web pages, you can mail us at and directly contact the office of the counselor for the master program.