Master Thesis Offers

Many research groups and institutions which are affiliated with HGS MathComp are offering topics for master theses. The following examples are just a few of over 40 topics available through direct contact with workgroups at IWR and other research centers across campus.

Students chose their master thesis supervisors at the end of the 2nd term. The thesis topics are highly individual and will be adapted at the education, knowledge and background of the respective candidate. 

Please use the following list as an introduction to some of the many interdisciplinary topics that are part of this master's program - from geo-informatics to bio-mathematics and from environmental modelling to high performance computing.

Sample topic: Geometric Multigrid Method on Heterogeneous Hardware [PDF]
Research Group Prof. Vincent Heuveline • Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL)
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)

Contact: Dr. Philipp Gerstner

Sample topic:  Computational Genomics and Research Data Management [PDF]
Research Group Dr. Duncan Odom • Division of Regulatory Genomics and Cancer Evolution
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Contact: Dr. Fritjof Lammers

Sample topic: Risk profiles of school children in sub-Saharan Africa: A machine learning approach [PDF]
Research Group Prof. Dr. Till Bärnighausen • Heidelberg Institute of Global Health (HIGH), Faculty of Medicine at Heidelberg University

Contact: Dr. Sandra Barteit

Sample topic:  Numerical Method for Patch-Wise Update of Inverse Scattering [PDF]
Sample topic:  Invertible Neural Networks for solving Inverse Problems [PDF]

Research Group Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hesser • Mannheim Institute for Intelligent Systems in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Mannheim at Heidelberg University

Contact: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hesser

If you plan to start your master thesis, you should get into contact with possible thesis supervisors. They usually do research in the core track you chose for your studies. All lecturers of modules in the program are open for discussions regarding thesis topics.