Application through the new Online Portal

Heidelberg University is using a new online portal for all programs in bachelor and master education. Application to our program is only possible through this online toole.

Online application portal

Please note that the application process will change over time with this new portal. We will update the information below to match the new system. However, as of now (Feb 2023) this is still work in progress and the transition is an enormous task.

Admission for German students

German students can apply for admission right before the start of the term. Please consult the "Admission Rules" (Zulassungsordnung) and apply at the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science for an admission certificate (see Zulassungsordnung, paragraph 2.4 for details and the necessary documents). Send these documents to the

Prüfungsamt Master
Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik
Im Neuenheimer Feld 205, Zi. 1.104
69120 Heidelberg

Note that you will need several documents and that the decision by the admission committee might take some time. We suggest that you start your registration at least two weeks before the start of the term.

Remark: Effectively, the admission for German students is similar to the admission for international students (see below), but steps 1 and 2 are carried out directly by the faculty.

Admission for international students

Admission for international students is a longer process since the equivalent of education and grades obtained at an international university have to be confirmed by the international branch of the admission office. Following their expertise, the admission committee for the master program at the faculty will decide on the final admission. One of the key questions is to confirm

Ein mit überdurchschnittlichem Erfolg erworbener berufsqualifizierender Abschluss in den Bachelor-Studiengängen Mathematik oder Informatik oder in Studiengängen mit im Wesentlichen gleichem Inhalt an einer in- oder ausländischen Hochschule mit einer Regelstudienzeit von mindestens drei Studienjahren oder ein als gleichwertig anerkannter Abschluss.

Loose translation: An above-average degree in a bachelor program in Mathematics, Computer Science or a subject with largely similar content at a national or international institution for higher education in a program with at least three years of study or a degree that is approved to be equivalent to this.

International Admission: Step-by-Step

Legal remark: This is a transduction of the   "Admission Rules" (Zulassungsordnung). According to German law, only the German version of the admission rules is finally binding for the admission.

Step 1: Application for admission

To start the application process, please open an account in the online application module and submit all necessary data: 

  • school/highschool certificate granting university access (originals or certified German or English translations),
  • university certificates with grade lists of all courses/full transcripts (originals or certified copies AND (if necessary) certified German or English translations) plus course lists with details on course content (only for courses in mathematics and computer science!).
  • two tables containing your courses in A) mathematics and B) computer science you attended so far (name of course/module; credits; grade)
  • language certificate (European Language Level English B2 or equivalent or TOEFL iBT with score 90 or better out of 120 or IELTS with score 6.5 or better).
    Remark: If you come from a country with English as teaching language, please see the FAQ for replacements of the English certificate.
  • letter of motivation (English, 1-2 pages),
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in table form,
  • signed statement that the candidate did never forfeit the examination claim in a master's program on Scientific Computing or a differently named master's program with largely the same content (sample in the FAQs).

Recommended deadlines for application are:

  • For the winter term (starting October): June 15th
  • For the summer term (starting April): November 15th

Heidelberg University continuously accepts applications. However, late applications will not be decided in time to attend the upcoming term. We strongly suggest that you early (at least 3 month before the term starts!). If you get accepted, you will have an early notification and thus much more time to apply for visa, arrange accommodation etc.

The foreign admission office will check your application data and certificates. Only if the application is complete and fullfills the formal criteria will the foreign admission office transfer the application to the Faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science for the decision on the admission.

Step 2: Decision by the faculty

Based on the application data, the faculty verifies individually for each candidate if he/she fulfils the application criteria. This includes a check on the topics and content of the bachelor program which the candidate has attended and the grades achieved in this education. 

Upon positive evaluation central admission office will issue an admission slip to the applicant which entitles him/her to enroll into the master course at the central office for enrollment of Heidelberg University. The faculty and the office of HGS MathComp will also issue letters of invitation for use in visa applications.

The entire evaluation process - from the arrival of the application in the foreign admission office until the final decision by the faculty - usually takes between 6 - 8 weeks.

Step 3: Enrollment

After arrival at Heidelberg, students must enroll into the program personally. The enrollment office can ask for original documents to confirm the data supplied with the application. Enrollment will be confirmed if the admission slip of the faculty is valid and the original documents confirm the data submitted during the application for admission.

Further Information