The Road to 300

"Road to 300" is a solo (or competitive) game developed by Dirk Roos, podcaster and author of the boardgame podcast "Ablagestapel". Dirk introduced the game in his podcast on the occasion of episode 300.

Remark: "Ablagestapel" is the German word for "discard pile".

All you need to play this game are 3 regular dice (1 to 6), a pencil, a coin to mark your current position and a copy of the game sheet, which you can download from the Ablagestapel web pages.

The following is an explanation of the game rules, using a "cover story" to make the abstract "Road to 300" more accessible to new players.

Basic Game: The Heist

In "road to 300" you play a burglar who wants to break into a house to steal some valuables. The house has 36 rooms, all connected horizontally and vertically. The only entrances to the house are through the four rooms in the corners (the rooms with room value 30).

In each of the rooms waits booty to be collected. However, the house is protected by a very clever alarm system. Our mission is to collect as many of the booties as possible before we have to flee the house, setting off the alarm.

You start your move outside the house. At the beginning of your first move, you roll the three dice. Select two of the dice to give you the coordinate of one room in the house. Cross of this room, as the alarm system to this room is armed now. For the rest of the game, you cannot enter this room anymore.

The third die is your movement die. You enter the house through one of the four corner rooms and proceed, walking from room to room horizontally and vertically. During one move you are not allowed to enter a room twice: You cannot trace back your steps or cross your own path.

This first move will end in one of the rooms. You collect the booty in this room (circle the number!) and proceed with the next move.

Every move in the game now follows this pattern. You roll three dice, set the alarm in a room and proceed to walk through the house. However, in the room where you just collected the booty, the alarm is now also armed! Once you leave this room in the next move, you cannot reenter this room for the rest of the game: Cross of the room with the number you circled.

When you roll the three dice in such a way that all combinations of two dice lead to a room that is already armed, you immediately reroll all three dice. If this happens three times in a row, the game immediately ends.

The game also ends when you cannot make a legal move for the number of steps indicated on the third die: Any series of steps would lead you through a room where the alarm is set. Note that in this case you are not allowed to reroll the dice - the game simply ends. The burgler can no longer stay safe in the house and sprints to one exit, setting of the alarm.

The final score for the game is the sum of all booty you collected. You win the game if you can collect booty worth at least 300 coins.

The Challenge (14.03. -- 05.04.24)

As a challenge we have prepared a series of dice rolls. Get the list of rolls and try your hands on the game. If you reach a score of 300 or more, send us a record of your game. All participants who send a valid game of 300 or more points are eligable to participate in a raffle for three prizes (board games). 

Deadline: May 4th 2024
Send to

Remark: The record of your game should use the original file of dice throws. Mark in each row the room that you crossed of (e.g. room 3/4) and the room you moved to (room 5/5 in 3 steps). Make sure to stay consistent in your room numbering (row/column).

Three Mini-Expansions for the game

Mini-Expansion "Escape!"

(by Nasgorian)

In regular gameplay the game ends when the burglar is trapped. The flight from the scene triggers the alarm system. Obviously, the guild of burglars is not happy with this course of events. Rather, they support their members on all levels to leave the scene without setting off an alarm.

Extra Rule: You can leave the house at any time through one of the four corner rooms. The same rules for movement apply, but excess movement points are ignored - so you do not have to leave the house with the last stept of your movement.

If you exscape without setting off the alarm, you are rewarded with a bonus from the guilde of burglars:

Level of professionExtra points


Mini-Expansion "The magic rings!"

(by Nasgorian)

Proficient burglars bring some own equipment with them to the scene of the crime. At the start of the game, equip yourself with one, two or three magic rings to help you to maximize "profit".

Extra Rule: After throwing the dice (and getting a result that you do not like) you can use one of your magic rings to re-roll the dice immediately. You have to stick with the new result (or use a second ring).

BurglarNumber of Rings


Mini-Expansion "In and Out!"

(by Nasgorian)

The four corner rooms have a connection to the garden of the house. This could be put to good use to maximize the yield of the intervention.

Extra Rule: Using the regular movement rules, the burglar can leave the house through one of the four corner rooms. As with "Escape!", extra movement points are disregarded. On the next turn, the burglar can re-enter the house through one of the four corner rooms again (following the rules from the basic game).